Paroi Munchen vs Maetsrelli

As expected, this league become more challenging and competetive. First match in Group 431 is draw. With the absence of Klose, my midfield is not too strong. Akmal and Neuville didn't get any goal but my winger Cole got an equalizer goal in minute 71'. One point is OK.

Spanish team - Mario Asenjo, Espana-B
Italian team - SS Fiordiconio Ladis, Blucerchiati, FC Neumarkt 05, Licata, Maetsrelli, Amikoj, Real Atalanta
Australian team - blackcheetah, Liverpool
Canadian team - bikini
Argentinian team - Los Cuervos TDF
American team - RAG Rangers Utd
Britain team - Muzzy Utd
Dutch team - De Egmonden
Germans team - FC Gang Bang
Malaysian team - Paroi Munchen FC

As usual, every new season, Paroi Munchen starts on the 12th place.

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