How to Train Young Player

Every player requires different training method. You can't over train them, because logically hard training can make player exhausted. I would like to share my experience on how to train the player. You must train them gradually.

This is a daily training schedule that you must give to your young player:

Striker: (Individual training)
one stamina promotion, two shooting and one attacking

Midfield: (Individual training)
one stamina promotion, two strategy

Defender: (Individual training)
one stamina promotion, two deffensive

Goal Keeper: (Individual training)
one stamina promotion, two goal keeping

give this type of training until they reach 21-22 years old.
then start to let this player play as a substituional player to increase their routine value. When his stamina reaching 90 and above, stop giving stamina promotion but just focus on Pace for striker (by giving sprint training), Duel for defender, and ball control for midfielder (by giving them heading training: in the squad trainning)

Tips: rearrange your player to substitute, then give them heading training by selecting substitute only
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