Platini's plans come under fire

Uefa president Michel Platini's plans to shake up the Champions League could damage Scottish football, according to the Scottish Premier League chairman.

Platini has proposed that countries reserve one of their Champions League places for the winners of their national cup competition.

But SPL chairman Lex Gold says the nation's best players could miss out on vital Champions League experience.

"He is damaging our prospects," Gold told BBC ONE's Inside Sport.

"The higher the level players play at, the greater their experience, and the greater their experience, (the more it) benefits our nation and helps our country.

"We are a country of five million people and we want to see our players get the highest level of experience."

Asked whether the proposal would make the national team suffer, Gold replied: "Yes, quite clearly that's what is going to happen.

"Our top clubs have got very good experience in Europe and that is feeding through to our national game."

Gold's fears are echoed by Celtic manager Gordon Strachan who thinks the competition should be represented by the best teams the country has to offer.

"I really don't see the benefit of teams who win an FA Cup or Scottish Cup (entering the Champions League)," he said.

"It could have been Gretna a couple of years ago. No disrespect, but I don't think that's Scottish football at its best.

"You can fluke a couple of results to get to a final. If you play in the Championship and you are second or first you deserve to be there and they deserve to be shown as the best of Scottish or English."
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